Horse Sayings Reviewed on The Zen of Motherhood

The Zen of Motherhood calls Horse Sayings: Wit & Wisdom Straight from the Horse’s Mouth “a lovely art book celebrating the beauty, grace, and spirit of horses.” Positive comments from readers of the popular blog follow the review.

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My Bookshelf Review: Horse Sayings “will delight any horse lover”

A recent review of HORSE SAYINGS: WIT & WISDOM STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH on My Bookshelf states that “Bradford Wheler [has] compiled a lovely book of illustrations, paintings and photographs that will delight any horse lover.”

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Horse Sayings Review on Thoughts in Progress

The folks at the Thoughts in Progress blog recently reviewed Horse Sayings:

If you love horses, HORSE SAYINGS: WIT & WISDOM STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH by Bradford G. Wheler is a must have for your library.

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Bob on Books: Love Horses? You’ll Love Horse Sayings

Bob Etier recently posted this review of HORSE SAYINGS: wit & wisdom straight from the horse’s mouth on

Horse Sayings: Wit & Wisdom Straight from the Horse’s Mouth is a book to be treasured by horse lovers (as well as those addicted to quotations). It includes one of my very favorite quotations from one of my very favorite people: “I’d horsewhip you if I had a horse” (Groucho Marx), along with quotes from other famous people, art and photographs featuring horses, and horse cartoons.Horse Sayings is a fitting gift to give a horse-lover or the horse-lover in you (I’m very much in favor of giving myself a gift now and then).

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Pages of Gold Review of HORSE SAYINGS

Pages of Gold, a website featuring “Book Reviews for those who truly treasure books” recently posted this review of HORSE SAYINGS:

Horse lovers have a reason to celebrate!  Bradford Wheler has joined together beautiful works of art and quotations about horses in a book that every horse lover will want to own.  Over 60 professional and nonprofessional artists from 11 countries express their appreciation of horses through art forms such as painting, drawing, photography and sculpture throughout the book.  The quotations are paired with this artwork through 8 chapters of the book.  The chapters  include:  The Bond, Humor, The Starting Gate, Horse Sense, Cholla (dedicated to Cholla Chambers, an actual horse artist whose artwork is featured in the book), Competing, Ancient Wisdom, and Training & Handling.  This book would make a fabulous gift for the horse fanatic in your life, but you certainly don’t need to be a horse fanatic to appreciate this lovely book.

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Technorati Review for Dog Sayings

Reviewed Bob Etier writes in Technorati that, as he is “[l]ong a collector of quotes about dogs and cats, I found many dear old friends among the quotations in Wheler’s book, however, quite a few were pleasant new finds.” Etier goes on to write:

Dog Sayings: Wit & Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend is a dog-lover’s delight, and thegift to give friends who spend their time talking to, rescuing, or dreaming about canine companions. It’s a cornucopia of puppy love—spanning wit, wisdom, emotion, and intellect.

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“Dog Sayings” receives 5-star Review from Midwest Book Review

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“Dog Sayings” is a choice read, solidly recommended.”

James A. Cox, Editor in Chief

Midwest Book Review


The simple mutts can be far wiser than they let on.  “Dog Sayings:  Wit & Wisdom from Man’s Best Friend” looks at a collection of humor and knowledge as well as plenty of art focusing on man’s constant canine companion.  For centuries, there has been much said about the relationship of man and dog, and much inspiration has been drawn fine them.  Presented in full color throughout, “Dog Sayings” is a choice read, solidly recommended.

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New Book Dedicated to the Dog Lover is Released Featuring Dog Art from Around the Globe

For immediate release

Press contact announced the October 15, 2010 release of the book “DOG SAYINGS: wit & wisdom from man’s best friend.” This dog art book showcases artwork and the funniest, most insightful, and most heart-warming quotations about dogs. This collaborative publication has two goals in mind: first, to honor and highlight man’s best friend though text and artwork, and secondly, to showcase talents of new and emerging artists who focus on creating dog art. seeks to provide artists with a stepping-stone through which to elevate their careers.  In February 2010, both professional and nonprofessional artists were invited to submit their work to be a part of this dog book. The end result includes over 50 artists Read the rest of this entry »’s Second Publication is a Beautiful, Heartfelt Book of Poetry

For immediate release

Press contact

The second release from independent publisher is a book of images and poetry entitled EIGHTEEN 6/10/71 The Poetry of John G. Hunter III, which was compiled by the publisher’s founder Bradford G. Wheler. Not only is the poetry in this unique book splendid, but also the real life history behind the book’s creation is also quite uplifting.

John G. Hunter III was only 19 years old at the time he wrote these remarkable poems and presented his friend Bradford G. Wheler with a hand written manuscript for Wheler’s 18th birthday. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Star Review from Prestigious Midwest Book Review

“Snappy Sayings” is a top pick for anyone looking for a solid collection of humor.”

Michael Dunford, Midwest Book Review


Michael Dunford of the Midwest Book Review wrote “The best wit and wisdom comes from the best minds. “Snappy Sayings” is a compilation of quips from countless brilliant minds throughout history, from hundreds of years ago to the modern day. Divided into the many aspects of human nature and the unique quips delivered from these individuals, Read the rest of this entry »