Yary Dluhos

Born 1944 in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Influenced by the historical and picturesque ambiance of her city, she began to paint in her early childhood. She saw shapes, colors, and textures and only sought to create works that reflected and conveyed the warmth and beauty she observed. She studied at the renown Art School in Uherski Hradiste. Various mediums became a love and her passion earned her numerous rewards in competitive exhibitions. Her creativity and softness of brush lends itself well to various mediums, evidenced throughout the wide range of subject matter she paints. She is a storyteller with her work. View her artwork at: www.DluhosArts.com, www.DluhosFineArt.com, www.facebook.com/DluhosFineArt, and www.facebook.com/DluhosArts.


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