Mongobi-Bibbiana T. Mele

Mongobi-Bibbiana T. Mele was born in Sardinia and lives and works in Florence. She has a Master of Arts degree and then studied at the Faculty of History of Arts and graduated in Museology. After that she specialized in Contemporary Art. For 13 years (1999-2011) she was part of the teaching staff of the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci in Prato. In 2000 she received the International Award “Art Literature” organized by Sergio Polillo at GAMeC of Bergamo. She has published studies and assays with Lubrina Publisher in 2002, Jaca Book Idearte in 2003 and in 2004.

She uses the collage technique because her creativity flows so fast.

She has exhibited her works in, New York, Denver, Madrid and in Italy Florence, Turin, Rome, Salerno, Rimini, Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) Naples.

Artist Web site:

Link for my published collage

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