Melissa Bruneau

“Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Melissa grew up as an adventurous, courageous risk taker, resourceful and fearless. Characteristics like those helped build not only her background, but inspiration as well. Not often expressing herself outwardly, she worked through her art to begin a therapy of getting it all out on canvas. After studying Fine Art at The Community College of Baltimore County, she later relocated in Tampa to continue her love and education for art. Melissa attended The International Academy of Design and Technology, majoring in Interior Design. Developing a desire for balance, order, value and dimension in her life, she can now fulfill her passion not only as a full-time artist but as a professional organizer. Still pursuing the depths of her soul. Her art is an interpretation of perspective, orchestrated with objects that have come into her life by chance, randomly, or hold a sentimental meaning. Each and every creation of her collection is conceived and created with great emotion and passion. Some of her creations are conceived through times of heavy burdens or great heartache, while others display Melissa’s love for life and all things that are fun and beautiful in this wonderful world. Many of her works of art have hidden visual messages or repetitive themes embedded within them that speak to a deep personal side of her own emotions.”

Thank you again for your support of the arts and Melissa’s personal collection of work. You may follow her exhibits on Facebook at or contact her at


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