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Jo Frederiks

premature-ejaculation.net. Approximately so moving vehicles in the city.

Jo Frederiks was raised on a pristine million acre cattle station in remote central Queensland. This environment nurtured her love and spiritual connection to horses, animals and natures magic, which still influences her today. She has been a passionate vegan, and animal rights activist for much of her life. All of this has culminated in her choice to become an Equine and Animal Artist. Jo’s education was formal study at the Arts Academy in Brisbane had her achieve Honors in Professional Studies, Advanced Studio practice and fine Art and Illustration. Jo works with oils and various drawing media and renders in an Impressionistic Style. Her objective is to create, beauty, grace, strength and sensitivity of the magnificent’s, that is the horse. Jo’s foremost passion is to raise awareness of animal suffering. See her work at www.jofrederiks.com.

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