Helen Auburn

Helen Auburn graduated from the University of Sunderland in June 2011. She has a BA Honors in Glass and Ceramic art. She spent her second year on exchange at San Jose State University, California.

She welcomes commissions. “Glass as a medium excites me, with the depth of color, versatility and light emitting qualities that it allows. I have a fascination with tactility. My work encompasses texture that produces within the viewer a desire to touch. Color is key. Pattern and repetition are important concepts and the more excessive something is, the better it is. To educate myself further about the world and art are my two main goals in life. Traveling is a crucial element of being for me, to engage socially with others and experience the world not only enriches my mind but also greatly influences my work.”

For more information on her work website address is http://helenauburn.wix.com/helenauburnglass helenauburn@hotmail.co.uk

Mobile: +44 756 308 6128 or visit her facebook page Helen Auburn Glass Artist.

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