Drace Brown

Drace Brown of dRaCeFaCe Imagers has been a portrait artist for 16 years and has professionally created pieces for 6 yrs. Starting at a very young age recreating images of animated characters, Drace began her jour- ney of art moving onward to comics, anime, then studying the great masters of the Renaissance. From there she gained a great love of the human body and its function during motions and emotions.

Drace now works with a team of models, photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists to create a shoot of the image she has in mind or an incredible idea the model suggested and wanted to come true. She is skilled in oil painting, pastel, chalk, and pencil but, predominately works with Ball Point Ink pens to create life-like images. Drace loves working with people and hearing ideas, so she always anxious to work along with those who want to create artistically a new idea. You can view hour work at: www.facebook.com/draceface. Drace’s email is: brown.drace@gmail.com

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