, founded by Bradford G. Wheler, publishes Brad’s novels and books based on the content provided by Artists. The goal is a collaborative community of artists that promote art in general while at the same time having an opportunity to promote their own art. Artists provide digital images of their work along with any information they wish on themselves, the techniques they use, and the origins, and meaning of their art. From this collaborative effort books are compiled and published.


It’s Free!

There is no charge to artists to be included in the books.


How it works…

Artists participate in themed books directly with 

All artists, both professional and nonprofessional, are invited to submit their work to be a part of the book.  It’s FREE to artists. The books will include promotional information about how and where readers can find out more about the artists and view more of their work. will be promoting artists whose work is selected for the book, as providing artists with a stepping stone to elevate their careers is one of the primary goals. The arrangement for artists provides with the nonexclusive right to showcase the content. 

In order to participate, artists must first register at the’s website and then send up to 7 selections of artwork per book as a high resolution JPEG or TIFF attachment to Artists should also send promotional details that can use to market their work, such as website and biographies. The books are open to art of any kind including digital images of paintings, drawings, sculpture, cartoons, collage, photographs, etc.

The artists will grant nonexclusive rights to use the digital images of their artwork in its books and related products.  See TERMS OF USE for more information.