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BookCollaborative.com announces the OCTOBER 1st 2013 publication of “GOLF SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of a good walk spoiled”

“GOLF SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of a good walk spoiled” is an exciting and vibrant collection of golf art and text designed to celebrate golf and the people that love the game.

Golf Sayings

This golf art book showcases artwork along with quotations about golf that covers topics including sportsmanship, golf humor, the pros, Scotland, and even presidential golf. This collaborative publication has two goals in mind: first, to honor and highlight the great game of golf though text and artwork, and secondly, to showcase the talents of new and emerging artists who focus on creating golf art.

BookCollaborative.com provides artists with a platform through which they can gain exposure and recognition.  Both professional and nonprofessional artists were invited to submit their work to be a part of this golf  art book.  The end result includes 36 artists from countries including the US, UK, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden. GOLF SAYINGS features a variety of golf art styles including golf photography, illustrations, collages, and paintings.

Among selected artists whose works are featured in “GOLF SAYINGS” are  Lesley Giles an artist from England who has “walked inside the ropes” with top golfers including Tiger Woods, and Christine LaGrow from Southern California who’s captivating landscapes add so much to the book.

Like all books published by BookCollaborative.com, “GOLF SAYINGS: wit & wisdom of a good walk spoiled”, is distributed by the world’s largest book distributor Ingram. The book is available on Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com and by order through any bookstore in the US, UK, and Canada.

Quantities of 5 or more will receive an additional discount of 25% from retail – $18.71

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